Methamphetamine use has been spreading quickly in the small community of Blanco and we want to prevent it from attacking our schools. Methamphetamine is a white crystalline drug. People are smoking it, snorting it, and injecting it into themselves. Methamphetamines impact the sympathetic nervous system, which controls heart, lungs, digestion, and more.  The high can affect your body for up to 24 hours. Methamphetamines can quickly destroy people’s lives, and can cause addiction after the first use in some cases. Methamphetamines has street names such as meth, crank, chalk, speed, Mexican crack, redneck cocaine, tweak, and many others.

Methamphetamine is a manufactured drug that can be very dangerous to make. Individuals take a mixture of over the counter drugs and cold pills and cook them to extract the ingredients for the drug. Not everyone cooks it the same, most labs are in garages or remote areas. There is rarely a science behind the way it is made and could be lethal on the first try.

Possible Long Term Effects


Liver and Kidney Damage

Tooth Decay


Stroke and Heart Disease

Brain Damage

Sped Up Aging Process

Permanent Psychosis


Increase Risks of Hepatitis and Aids


Possible Short Term Effects


Loss of Appetite


Aggressive Behavior

Lose Desire to Sleep

Increased Heart Rate




Erratic Behavior

Many, Many More

Take Action Parents

People who use meth have a difficult time keeping a job, having relationships, and many times have issues with the justice system. Be smart, don’t make a decision to start using and ruin your life. Parents educate yourself on the signs of use and protect your kids.


Blanco Coalition of Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment of Substance Abuse.

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